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What is ReturnsBox?

ReturnsBox is a FREE web app for fly fishermen that lets you record your own catch returns. You can then see what flies are doing well, which colours work at which times of year, if weather or wind direction effect catch rates and much more.

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Easy to use
Just enter your catch return and then view your data. See which venues are fishing well and what flies people are using and more.
Made by fishermen
We're fly fishermen, we designed the app to help us get better by recording what we do. It could help you to!
FREE to use
ReturnsBox is totally FREE. It's also brand new. We need people to use it and help improve it and make it even more useful.
Improve your fishing!
See which flies work well at which times of year. See which venues perform better in different weather and more.

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We built ReturnsBox to help us become better fly fishermen and we hope it will help others. It's brand new and in early development so we want lots more people using it and giving us feedback to improve it.

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